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YungCed is a hip-hop, rap musician currently based out of Texas. Born in Kansas City, he moved to the state of Texas at the age of seven, and began rapping at the age of eleven. Having been pursuing his craft seriously for the past four years, he was driven to start creating music through the outlet that it provided. He views his work as a way to express himself and to tell his personal story; a way to convey the situations that he has experienced in life. To him, his work
is a way to inspire—more than just words layered over instrumentals, his tracks allow him to build positivity out of any situation and have a real feeling of motivation and achievement through hard work. With plans to eventual tour and travel, Spain being on the top of his list,
YungCed’s music can currently be found on most popular streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Tidal.


My Music

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